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PRIVACY POLICY is completely entrusted about your private data and committed to protect your privacy. Please go through our privacy policy before enrolling to make sure your private data and other email addresses are safe.
Your email addresses are dealt with utmost care and assurance over data privacy is promised. The email addresses entered by the users to enroll are not shared or rented or sold and will not used for any other spamming purposes. Also, for users who subscribe to Kingdom-rush 2 news letter, only information about the game, the business changes and modifications and other website related news will be shared. There is also an option available to users to unsubscribe whenever they wish to or send an email to the admin of the website to remove the user's email address from the subscribers list.
The web server has the capacity to locate the IP address and domain from which user is logged on. Other than this information, no other data will be known by the server. The information collected like the IP address and domain used to log in will only be used for internal assessments and analysis and will not be disclosed for any other purposes. About cookies related information, cookies are used to store the visitor's/user's preferences. The cookies enabled will not be used to extract any other user browsing history information or any other private info from the user's computer. will not be responsible for any malicious download of any software while navigating through the website or when the website is in use. We have made sure that no such third party website link is enabled which may cause such issues but please make sure that your antivirus download check is enabled to ensure safety. In the Tell-A-Friend option, please make sure that the email address you are providing us is aware of the invite and does not consider the invite as spamming. We will not spam the entered email address but will send an invite in your name to try the game. The same conditions and rules apply to this email address as stated above. The email addresses of your friends for invite purpose also will not be sold to any third parties or used for spamming purposes. is not responsible for any unexpected issue that rises after clicking on the external links that are displayed in the website.Any further communication regarding such issues should be contacted with the respective website people only. By playing the game and using this website, you are assenting with the website's privacy policy. In any other case, it is recommended that you do not use the website. The right to make any other changes to this privacy policy is reserved by the owner of the website. Please keep yourself updated with the changes made to the privacy policy and your regular continued usage means that you are agreeing with the corresponding changes (if any). Thanks for patiently reading through this and we hope you enjoy our game.


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